1996  Joined investment between Japanese and Thai companies to produce Sintered products and started the construction of the factory.
1997  Imported machinery from the parent company in Japan. Started production and traded.
2000  It's the second year that machinery had been imported to support the IMV project.
2001  Expanding office buildings.
2002  It's the third year that machines had been imported to produce parts that would be assembled into engines and parts in the IMV project.
2004  It's the fourth year that machines had been imported. And also imported compression machines with a capacity of 130 to 200 tons.
2007  10th Anniversary of the company.
2010  The third factory was built in the same area as the volume of increasing orders. And the number of employee 344 people.
2011  Thailand suffered the worst flooding problem.
2012  The production line had been modified and relocated some machines from 1st factory and 2nd factory to 3rd factory. The number of employee increased to 472 people.
2014  It was the year that the government supported the first car.
2016  Started to bring auxilary equipment by using the automation system in production line.
2017  20th Anniversary of the company.
2022  25th Anniversary of the company and construction of a new factory began, located at Siam Green City Industrial Park, Rayong Province.
2023  Factory Construction progress of new TFS SGC Plant.