"We as a pioneer in the Powder Metallurgy Industry "  
Since the company established in 1996 and started the production in 1997. We have been producing spare parts for the major components of a wide range of automobiles.  
such as parts of the engine system, drive system, support system, etc., to meet the needs of customers in Thailand.  
even within the group of company. To make the company to be a world-class production center. We have prepared machinery, equipment and production systems  
that can support the production of all kinds of spare parts from large products to small products.  
At present, the Company is in the process of working with all employees to improve work to be self-reliance.  
And self-managed in product design process by Thai people. Considering processes  
and strengthening the foundation of the company and working systems to respond to product development and  
prepare production in time according to customer request.  
From now on, we will focus on safe production and carry out various activities with awareness of the environment of the  
local society. And we will carry out CSR activities to develop Thai society to live happily and better.